An extra ESC lead connects to the Li-Po balance plug

Thunder Power have announced two new ranges of brushless speed controllers. First up is the revolutionary 'Smart Guide' series. These controllers utilise 'Balanced Discharge Monitoring & Protection' (BDMP) technology. This innovative new system provides real time monitoring of the discharge voltage of each cell in the Li-Po pack. Since each cell is monitored and protected by the ESC, so a longer service life is promised from Li-Po packs.

The TPE-18SGB3 18amp controller pictured above is shown connected to a TP1320-3s pack to illustrate the in-flight monitoring connection. The ESC's are available in 18,25,30,40,60,80 & 100amp units. Prices start at 24.99 for the 18amp version.

Also available are the new "High Grade" series ESC's in 10,12,18,25,30,60 and 100amp Opto models starting at 16.99 for the 6amp version (the range does not feature BDMP technology).

Both ranges have Dual Mode programming, allowing the controllers to be either stick or programmer configured. Also available is the new 'eZ programmer'. A business card size programmer that will configure both ranges of controllers, it's just 7.99.

The items are available from all UK Thunder Power dealers but for further information call West London Models on 0208 8897 2326.