CML Distribution have released details of two new electric powered designs from Alfa Model that should be in the shops soon. The long nose Dora variant of the FW-190D will be popular but the new EDF A4 is also an unusual and attractive addition to the range.

Both models feature scale detailing and can be finished in a variety of liveries although the two models shown here would make ideal schemes.

Information available at the moment is as follows -


  • Wingspan - 33.5"
  • Length - 32.5"
  • Weight - 15.5oz
  • Battery - 3s 1500mAh 20c
  • RRP - 84.99 (no electrics)

    A4 Skyhawk

  • Wingspan - 22"
  • Length 29.25"
  • Weight - 15.9oz
  • Battery - 3s Li-Po
  • ESC - 28 amp unit
  • RRP - 109.99 inc fan unit (no electrics)

    See the CML website for more information.