Parkzone's latest addition to their warbird range is the F4U Corsair supplies of which have just arrived in the UK.

Available in two versions; either Plug and Play with the servos fitted ready to accept a receiver and flight pack, or RTF complete with a Spektrum 2.4Ghx DX5e radio fully installed, an 11.1volt 1800Mah 3 cell Li-Po battery and a balancer changer.

This Corsair is ready painted in an authentic tri-colour scheme as used by the US Navy and also features the correct early red outlined stars and bars insignia together with a painted pilot figure and extensive panel line and rivet detail on the fuselage and wings.

Other scale details include an aluminium dome spinner, dummy radial engine, painted nose art on the cowling and the inclusion of a three-blade (scale) and two-bladed propellers (the two-blader propeller giving more thrust).

Powered by a powerful 480 size brushless outrunner motor, the model has "very spirited warbird performance, rolls loops and high speed beatups can be performed with ease and with the 11.1volt 1800Mah Li-Po battery provides flight duration of over 10 minutes".

The model comes with fixed landing gear with a steerable tail-wheel for positive ground handling. The landing gear can be easily removed and optional landing skids are included so the model can be belly-landed safely on the ground while minimising the risk of damage to the underside.

Access to the battery and radio bay is via the large removable top hatch that is held in place with dowels and magnets.


  • Wingspan: 1118mm (44")
  • Length: 889mm (35")
  • Flying Weight: 850g (30oz)
  • Motor: 480 960Kv outrunner (installed)
  • Radio: Spektrum DX5e 2.4GHz DSM2 included
  • Speed Controller: E-flite Pro 30A brushless (installed)
  • Battery: 3-Cell 11.1 Volt 1800mah Li-Po included
  • Charger: 2-3 cell Li-Po balancing DC charger
  • RRP: £214.99 (£119.99 without radio, receiver and battery)