Just back from Nurmeburg, our cameras have been busy snapping all the new models and equpiment on show. We'll have a full report in the next (Apr) issue but in the meantime here are a few new models to whet your appetite.

With bags of character, this new Elektro-Trainer S from Graupner looks like it'll fly better then the training remit demands.


Looks good on floats too!


This is Weston UK's new 27" span Mini Magnum for electric or .25-36 i.c.



There are plenty of new Kyosho Miniums on the way - this is the Christen Eagle.



This is Jamara's new BN Islander - twin electric, 59" span, springy undercarriage and something that'll no doubt be going on many wish lists!

We'll have a full 10-page report in the April issue - out 13 March (earlier for subscribers).