While perhaps not as new as some recent models (the Diamante has been in the UK for a few months now) this model's traditional appearance and flying remit should appeal to those seeking an electric powered model for F3A style pattern flying.

The model is an ARTF with a one-piece wing and requires just a modest amount of assembly before taking to the air. It's designed for E-flite Power 25 or 32 motors and a 60-amp ESC and, through our test flights, has demonstrated a very capable performance on the '25'. The review will be in RCM&E very soon.


  • Wingspan - 48" (1200mm)
  • Fuselage length - 50" (1250mm)
  • Wing area - 485 sq in
  • All-up weight - 3.6-4.2 lb (1.6-1.9 kg)
  • Motor Size - E-flite Power 25 BL Outrunner Motor,870Kv or E-flite Power 32 BL Outrunner Motor 770Kv