This new Eco version is the latest camera to join the FlyCamOne family.
Clearly falling into the 'light-weight' category of aerial cameras, its movable head (90°) can be easily mounted outside the model and operated by a servo.
The unit offers three modes; video, photo and photo endless (VGA) while footage is recorded to a micro SD-card. Data transfer can be by USB also. Handily, the built-in receiver lead means the unit can be connected to a free channel and commanded via the transmitter. The unit takes its power from the Rx battery so there's no on-board Li-Po to suffer when operating in low temperatures.

Weight - 17 g
Voltage - 4.5 - 6 V
Modes - video, serial picture, photo
Mode display - Bi-Color LED
Audio - yes
Resolution - VGA 640 x 480 px
FPS - 28
Storage - <= 8 GB micro SD card
Head Measurements - 22x24x28 mm
Angle of inclining - 90°
Rec-Flip - yes, 180°
RRP - £39.99
UK distributor - J.Perkins Distribution