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RCM&E plan build models

Built a model from a plan? Perhaps from one of the free RCM&E plans? Why not say how you got on, share your build tips and flying success, rate the plan and model!

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Folder60 gasser
werewolf GX10 gasser By david deane 2
6167921/06/2013 15:57:00
by david deane 2
FolderVampire review
Overall 60%, how did that happen? By Ian Jones
3353508/12/2009 00:18:23
by Ian Jones
FolderRating of plan built models
Review ratings By Paul Glidden
4373615/08/2009 19:43:04
by Paul Glidden
FolderResponce to Hoehnia build article
By David Ashby - Moderator
2242817/06/2009 11:35:45
by David Ashby - Moderator

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07/01/2019CITABRIAjohn hunt 7£70.00
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There are 134 product reviews in this category.

Temptress by Loris Goring we say0N/A 
Sandow by Peter Miller0N/A 
Mini Tyro by David Boddington1N/A
LS60 by Peter Miller0N/A 
Clean Sweep by Tim Hooper0N/A 
Pix-E Major by Tim Hooper1N/A
FMS Corsair0N/A 
First Step by Ton Van Munsteren0N/A 
Gamine by Vic Smeed0N/A 
Hawker Cygnet by Tim Hooper0N/A 
Agritug by Chris Reid0N/A 
DH Mosquito by Rob Caso0N/A 
Airspeed Courier by Tim Hooper0N/A 
Fournier RF-4 by Peter Miller0N/A 
Sopwith Pup by Matt Johansson0N/A 
STOL Mk.2 by Peter Russell we say0N/A 
Twirl Autogyro by Al Foot we say0N/A 
Mini Jazz by Malcolm Corbin we say3N/A
Jitterbug by Alex Whittaker0N/A 
Tipsy Junior by Peter Miller we say1N/A
Fieseler Storch by David Hipperson we say0N/A 
Supermarine Stranraer by Cyril Carr1N/A
Pix-E by Tim Hooper0N/A 
RV-3 by Peter Miller0N/A 
Spitfire Mk.V (701N/A
Super Dart Mk.9 by Brian Cooper we say0N/A 
Zulu ET by Lindsay Todd0N/A 
Luton Minor by Dave Royds0N/A 
Rivets by Tim Hooper0N/A 
2Vix2 by Chas Gardiner we say0N/A 
Harmony by Peter Miller0N/A 
Red Ned0N/A 
Siebel Si 201 by Tim Hooper1N/A
Super Trooper by Peter Miller1N/A
Intro-Vert by Nigel Hawes1N/A
Bristol Fighter by Cyril Carr0N/A 
Midget Mustang (control line) by Peter Miller we sayMyHobbyStore0N/A 
Midget Mustang by Tony Nijhuis we say0N/A 
Cosmic Wind by Tony Nijhuis we say0N/A 
Ultimate bipe by Dave Royds0N/A 
Westland Lysander by Tony Nijhuis2N/A
Luciole by Peter Miller1N/A
Wave by Ton Van Munsteren1N/A
Mont-3 by Loris Goring0N/A 
Hoehnia by Mike Parry forum we say1N/A
Toot Sweet by Peter Miller0N/A 
Lacey M10 by Maurice Ashby0N/A 
Cardsharp by Maurice Ashby we say0N/A 
Edge 540 by Dave Royds1N/A
Lancaster (134inch span) by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
DC-3 (72inch span) by Tony Nijhuis1N/A
Aerovan by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
Airbus A400M by Tony Nijhuis we say2N/A
ME-109 (30inch span) by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
Spitfire (30inch span) by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
Spitfire (62inch span) by Tony Nijhuis1N/A
Lancaster (72inch span) by Tony Nijhuis1N/A
Lancaster (204inch span) by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
FW TA-154 Moskito by Tony Nijhuis1N/A
B-17 by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
Fike Model E by Peter Miller we say0N/A 
Fieseler Storch by David Hipperton0N/A 
Spitfire MK.22 by John Lockwood we say0N/A 
Kestrel autogyro by Cyril Carr we say0N/A 
Miss Millie by Mike Keay and Bert Jansson0N/A 
Tucano by Nigel Hawes1N/A
Archangel by Loris Goring0N/A 
SWOT by David Stevens we say0N/A 
Penultimate by Rick Moss0N/A 
Wattsdog by Peter Miller we say0N/A 
Flame by David Stevens0N/A 
Culver Dart by Peter Miller0N/A 
BAe Hawk by Tony Nijhuis we say3N/A
Bede by Cyril Carr (both sizes)0N/A 
Tipsy Junior by Peter Miller0N/A 
Fokker Triplane by Cyril Carr0N/A 
Sopwith Triplane by Cyril Carr0N/A 
Cap 21 by Peter Miller1N/A
Triple Threat III by Chris Reid1N/A
Bloody Mary by David Stevens0N/A 
Obelex Lite by Chas Gardner0N/A 
DH Vampire by Tony Nijhuis forum we say1N/A
Sonerai by Peter Miller we say0N/A 
Bushwhacker by Alex Whittaker0N/A 
EZE Fan by Nigel hawes we say2N/A
Apollo by Pete Kessell we say1N/A
Kawasaki KI-61-II Hien (Tony) by Steve Griffiths0N/A 
Die Fledermaus by David Stevens0N/A 
Zero by Mike Parry0N/A 
F4U Corsair by Tony Nijhuis1N/A
Zero by Tony Nijhuis1N/A
Stiletto by Martin Bell1N/A
Miss Lizzy by Peter Miller we say1N/A
P-51 Mustang by Andy Blackburn and Steve Griffiths0N/A 
DH Mosquito by Tony Nijhuis1N/A
2 Vix2 glider by Chas Gardner0N/A 
Simplex by Maurice Ashby0N/A 
Whizza by Nigel Hawes we say6N/A
P-40 by Steve Griffiths1N/A
Fokker DVII by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
SE5 by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
Bootlace by Peter Miller0N/A 
Maricardo by C.A. de Felice (updated by Paul Strawson) we say4N/A
Panavia Tornado by Nigel Hawes we say3N/A
Limit EX by Julian Beckett3N/A
Bugly Ugger by Martin Bell forum2N/A
Fizza by Nigel Hawes we say6N/A
Firedrake by Peter Miller0N/A 
Mam'selle by Ray Wood1N/A
Midget Mustang by Peter Miller we say2N/A
Sky 40 Trainer by Tony Nijhuis5N/A
Jokester by John Rutter0N/A 
Piwakawaka by Ray Huntley4N/A
Miss Demeanor by Peter Miller1N/A
Browne Monoplane by Nicholas Browne0N/A 
Feugray by Peter Miller0N/A 
Fling Wing by Nigel Hawes0N/A 
Big Ship by Peter Miller0N/A 
Funterceptor by Chris Reid we say1N/A
Mig-25 by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
EE Lightning by Tony Nijhuis2N/A
Baretta by Dave Royds0N/A 
Propellosaurus by Cyril Carr0N/A 
Scottish Aviation Pioneer by Chris Reid we say2N/A
Spitfire, 46inch span by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
Short Sunderland by Tony Nijhuis0N/A 
Hawker Typhoon by Tony Nijhuis1N/A
Hawker Hurricane by Tony Nijhuis1N/A
Werewolf by Peter Miller forum1N/A
Supermarine Walrus by Cyril Carr0N/A 
DeNight Special by Peter Miller0N/A 
Ballerina by Dave Royds0N/A 
Tiger Moth by Dave Royds3N/A
Eze Fan by Nigel Hawes0N/A 
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Which part of building a new traditional balsa aeroplane do you enjoy the most?
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