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If it's quiet flight you crave you'll find this section will be invaluable. Free of the complexities that go hand-in-hand with fuel-burning engines, electric flight is a an area of the hobby that's receiving huge investment by manufacturers the world over. It's here to stay and the selection of products on offer is rapidly increasing.


1 to 193 products.

RuckusMax Thrust1N/A
Hacker Master Stick RTFHacker-Model0N/A 
Hacker Ultimate 1000 3DHacker-Model1N/A
Dynam HurricaneDynam0N/A 
Pichler Hi-SpeedPichler1N/A
Multiplex Extra 300Multiplex0N/A 
Dynam CatalinaDynam1N/A
Durafly Mk.24 SpitfireDurafly2N/A
Multiplex Tucan we sayMultiplex2N/A
Hobby King Bixler 2Hobby King2N/A
Multiplex Razzor we sayMultiplex0N/A 
Durafly T-28 TrojanDurafly2N/A
ParkZone Albatros D.VaParkZone1N/A
Max Thrust 1.6m P-51 MustangMax Thrust0N/A 
FMS 1.4m FW-190 we sayFMS0N/A 
Seagull mini MXS-R we saySeagull Models0N/A 
Seagull mini Nemesis we saySeagull Models0N/A 
Seagull mini Sparrowhawk we saySeagull Models0N/A 
Max Thrust Riot we sayMax Thrust6N/A
Ripmax Acro Wot Mk.2 ARTFRipmax2N/A
Ripmax Acro Wot Foam-ERipmax8N/A
SebArt Macchi MC-72SebArt0N/A 
SebArt PC-21SebArt1N/A
Precision Aerobatics BanditPrecision Aerobatics1N/A
Multiplex EasyStar 2 we sayMultiplex1N/A
E-Scale Phoenix XE-Scale1N/A
FMS F6F Hellcat we sayFMS0N/A 
E-Scale PC-21 we sayE-Scale0N/A 
E-flite Beech StaggerwingE-flite0N/A 
E-flite Carbon-Z Scimitar we sayE-flite0N/A 
E-flite Shoestring 15eE-flite0N/A 
Seagull 2000 motor glider we saySeagull Models0N/A 
E-flite Cessna 150E-flite0N/A 
ParkZone Icon A5 we sayParkZone0N/A 
E-flite Piper Super CubE-flite1N/A
ParkZone Spitfire (2011 onwards) we sayParkZone5N/A
Aerofoilz Extra 260Aerofoilz1N/A
Multiplex Dogfighter we sayMultiplex4N/A
FMS 1.4m Zero we sayFMS0N/A 
Jamara Cessna 185Jamara2N/A
WOT 4-E MK.2 we sayRipmax5N/A
J-Power Sky SurferJ-Power3N/A
E-flite Advance 25eE-flite4N/A
E-flite Leader 480E-flite2N/A
ParkZone DH MosquitoParkZone2N/A
ParkZone Stryker F27QParkZone2N/A
E-flite P-51B MustangE-flite0N/A 
Black Horse Sonic hotlinerBlack Horse0N/A 
Great Planes RifleGreat Planes0N/A 
eRC Piper J-5eRC0N/A 
J-Power P-51D Mustang 1.55mJ-Power0N/A 
E-flite PT-17 Stearman we sayE-flite2N/A
Cessna Skylane EP261B we sayWorld Models0N/A 
J-Power P-38 LightningJ-Power1N/A
E-flite Ascent 450E-flite0N/A 
E-Scale Electra GliderE-Scale0N/A 
Jamara Clipped Wing CubJamara0N/A 
Art-Tech ASK-21Art-Tech0N/A 
Art-Tech MinimoaArt-Tech0N/A 
Art-Tech Diamond 1800Art-Tech0N/A 
ParkZone Radian Pro we sayParkZone7N/A
FMS 1.4m P-40FMS1N/A
FMS 1.4m ME109FMS1N/A
ParkZone P-47 ThunderboltParkZone3N/A
FMS 1.4m SpitfireFMS2N/A
E-flite Sukhoi SU-26m 480 we sayE-flite0N/A 
Bormatec Maja forumBormatec1N/A
Black Horse Midget MustangBlack Horse0N/A 
FMS Mini WarbirdsFMS0N/A 
GWS Formosa (v1 & v2) we sayGWS2N/A
Fox Composites ME163Fox Composites1N/A
YT International Zlin 50YT International0N/A 
FMS Grumman Hellcat (midi sized)FMS0N/A 
E-flite PT-19 450E-flite1N/A
WOT 4 Foam-E Mk.2 we sayRipmax15N/A
Century UK Airbus A380Century UK0N/A 
ParkZone WildcatParkZone2N/A
ParkZone Stinson Reliant we sayParkZone10N/A
Seagull Edge 540 EPSeagull Models4N/A
Multiplex Fun Cub forumMultiplex7N/A
Jamara Roo forumJamara2N/A
ParkZone Extra 300 forumParkZone3N/A
ST Models MX2 we sayST Models5N/A
ST Models Blaze we sayST Models3N/A
SebArt Sebach 342 30ESebArt4N/A
SebArt Miss Wind 50ESebArt0N/A 
Hobbyzone Aeronca Mini ChampHobbyzone3N/A
E-flite LR1A PogoE-flite0N/A 
YT Mini Mach RacerYT International1N/A
E-flite Beechcraft BonanzaE-flite2N/A
E-Scale Waco bipeE-Scale1N/A
Century UK B-25 Mitchell we sayCentury UK1N/A
Jamara Mini Mods (please state model)Jamara1N/A
Multiplex XenoMultiplex2N/A
FMS 1.4m P-51D MustangFMS1N/A
Graupner Elektro Rookie SGraupner1N/A
Alfa ME-109 (all colour schemes)Alfa Model0N/A 
Alfa Hawker TempestAlfa Model0N/A 
JP DeltecJ.Perkins0N/A 
E-flite T-33 MentorE-flite0N/A 
E-flite L4 GrasshopperE-flite0N/A 
VMAR Fournier RF-4VMAR3N/A
Art-Tech Diamond 2500 (motor glider)Art-Tech4N/A
Art-Tech SpitfireArt-Tech0N/A 
E-Scale P-47 Thunderbolt2N/A
E-flite P-40E-flite2N/A
Global RC Sukhoi SU-26 (560N/A 
Overlander Edge 540 (30 size)Overlander1N/A
Multiplex Merlin we sayMultiplex2N/A
E-flite RV-9 450E-flite2N/A
Parkzone ME-109GParkZone2N/A
Ripmax P-51D Mustang EPRipmax3N/A
Overlander Sukhoi SU-26Overlander0N/A 
E-flite Deuces WildE-flite1N/A
Flying Legends P-51 Mustang2N/A
Multiplex Easyglider Pro forumMultiplex12N/A
Jamara T-28 TrojanJamara0N/A 
Alfa AlbatrosAlfa Model0N/A 
Alfa P-47 (with retracts and flaps)Alfa Model0N/A 
Parkzone P-51 'Gunslinger' (2009 onwards) we sayParkZone1N/A
Jamara ASW-28 RTF motor gliderJamara1N/A
SebArt Shark trainerSebArt2N/A
VMAR Mini MustangVMAR0N/A 
Britflight HTWO forumBritflight1N/A
Britflight BreezeBritflight7N/A
Britflight HustleBritflight5N/A
Flying Legends SpitfireFlying Legends1N/A
Precision Aerobatics UltimatePrecision Aerobatics0N/A 
RCM Pelikan DingoRCM Pelikan0N/A 
RC-Factory 'Flash' 3D we sayRC Factory1N/A
JP PrettyJ.Perkins2N/A
Parkzone Decathlon (brushless version)ParkZone1N/A
Flying Wings HornetFlying Wings2N/A
GWS P-40 all versionsGWS5N/A
Seagull Spacewalker EP (all sizes)Seagull Models0N/A 
Art-Tech CorsairArt-Tech0N/A 
Parkzone TyphoonParkZone1N/A
Parkzone Stryker (all versions)ParkZone3N/A
Graupner Elektro Junior SGraupner4£70.00
Multiplex BlizzardMultiplex11N/A
FVK AbsoluteFVK1N/A
Parkzone F4 CorsairParkZone5N/A
Alfa SpitfireAlfa Model0N/A 
Alfa LA-7Alfa Model0N/A 
Alfa MIG-15Alfa Model2N/A
Alfa A-4 SkyhawkAlfa Model1N/A
Alfa CorsairAlfa Model0N/A 
Alfa P-51Alfa Model1N/A
Alfa P-47Alfa Model0N/A 
Alfa FW-190Alfa Model1N/A
E-flite Sea Fury we sayE-flite4N/A
RCM Pelikan Filip 400 seriesRCM Pelikan0N/A 
E-flite P-47 ThunderboltE-flite2N/A
E-flite F-15 EDFE-flite0N/A 
E-flite Piper PawneeE-flite1N/A
E-flite DH Beaver we sayE-flite5N/A
E-flite TaylorcraftE-flite2N/A
Graupner Terry SGraupner6£35.00
Seagull Texan EPSeagull Models0N/A 
Ripmax ME109Ripmax5N/A
Ripmax Spitfire EPRipmax18N/A
E-flite DiamanteE-flite0N/A 
E-flite Mini ShowtimeE-flite0N/A 
E-flite Pitts 12E-flite2N/A
Multiplex CularisMultiplex4N/A
Parkzone TrojanParkZone8N/A
E-flite Extra 260E-flite5N/A
E-flite Mini PulseE-flite6N/A
E-flite P-38 LightningE-flite5£79.99
Multiplex GeminiMultiplex12£65.00
Ultrafly PC-9Ultrafly1N/A
JP Electra-SportJ.Perkins0N/A 
Al's Hobbies Easy Fly GliderAl's Hobbies4N/A
NPM FuryNew Power Modelisme1N/A
Graupner Elektro UHUGraupner3N/A
Ultrafly Extra 300Ultrafly0N/A 
Ultrafly SU-27Ultrafly0N/A 
Art-Tech PittsArt-Tech2£139.99
Seagull Decathlon EPSeagull Models4N/A
Overlander 3D RedOverlander0N/A 
Multiplex EasyStar we sayMultiplex25N/A
Art-Tech P-51D MustangArt-Tech2N/A
RCM Pelikan XtremeRCM Pelikan1N/A
RCM Pelikan TukanoRCM Pelikan1N/A
Multiplex Fun JetMultiplex16N/A
Seagull Extra 300 EPSeagull Models5£59.99
Multiplex Easy Glider we sayMultiplex29N/A
Multiplex TwinStar II (2005 onwards) we sayMultiplex18N/A
Aeronaut Twin SpeedyAeronaut1£49.00
Art-Tech Edge 540TArt-Tech2£129.99
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