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Tom Bailey  |  May 31, 2007  |  0 comments
The Shark 10 Version 2. 0 charger is a brand new 5A unit that can be used for up to 5s lithium and 14 cell NiCad / NiMH. Features include adjustable charge and discharge current, along with discharge end point adjustment. Complete with a backlit two-line LCD display for use in low light conditions, the Shark 10 can be used with the RCM-Pelikan PB-5 balancer and is available direct from Puffin Models for £49.
Tom Bailey  |  May 31, 2007  |  0 comments
The Venus 40 ARTF made it easy for fans of . 40-size models to enjoy the challenge of pattern aerobatics. Now, the Venus II ARTF offers pilots the chance to enjoy the same crisp performance and ARTF convenience with a . 60 - 1.
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Here’s a peek at the IL300, a special issue in-line four cylinder effort from engine giants O. S. It’s being utilised here by Australian Tom Watson in a fantastic Tiger Moth – click the image for a bigger view. We’ll have more on the IL300 with a full review from Brian Winch in this year’s RCM&E Special, which is due out in September.
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Leighton Buzzard-based High Torque UK play host to a huge range of retrofit helicopter fuselage kits, with more and more being added whenever possible. Manufactured from durable 'Pet-g' material, the fuselages boast great detail, including windows and doors – and on the latest fuselages, even rivets. Most of the fuselages are designed to include removable nose sections to allow for maintenance, battery changes and the like. Building instructions are available in English, French, Italian and Spanish.
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Small, lightweight and made from tough model foam, the Ally Cat is not only capable of high speeds but also proves extremely stable at slow fly-bys. The 650mm span EDF jet is supplied unpainted but comes with a decorative decal sheet as well as a ducted fan unit and brushless motor. The suggested battery is a 3 cell 620mAh Li-po, which will fit into the model perfectly. It seems the Ally Cat's makers have aimed for versatility – it can also be flown with a brushed pusher motor if desired.
Tom Bailey  |  Apr 18, 2007  |  0 comments
The chaps from the Manx Model Flyers have been in touch to remind us about the Manx Model Meet 2007, which takes place between 29th June and July 10th inclusive. Modellers are invited to 'come abroad to the Isle of Man and enjoy flat field and slope flying at its best'. Power, glider, electric, free flight even – if it'll fly, then take it along. Peg-on flying at the former WWII airbase at Jurby will include traditional sport, scale, electric, gliding and aero towing, plus power and electric pylon racing.
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The May 2007 edition of RCM&E will be available to buy from tomorrow from the usual places. Boasting 132 pages of columns, features, reviews and, of course, a free plan, the new issue offers lots of reading for your money.
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The main question I ask of any computer software is a simple one: How easy is it to get this thing running on my machine? I don’t want to be fiddling around with complicated installation processes, only to find that one hardware conflict or another ultimately hampers my progress. I’m an impatient man at the best of times, so if a software CD wants to avoid ending up as the latest addition to my ever-growing coaster collection, it needs to be user-friendly. In this department, Reality Craft’s RC Flight Master eXtreme64 simulator is a success. Installation was a technophobe’s dream: put the disc into the CD drive, let it load up, click install and you’re away.
Tom Bailey  |  Feb 09, 2007  |  0 comments
Although we tend to stick to covering either traditional build kits or the rise and rise of the ARTF phenomenon, every now and then a ‘toy’ comes along that is just too interesting to ignore. It’s safe to say that the X-UFO from Silverlit falls into the latter category. Opening up the box, the first thing that hits you (once you’ve got past just how unusual the X-UFO itself looks) is quite what a comprehensive package you get for your money. A good quality transmitter is always welcome, of course, and here we have one that is more than up to the job.
Tom Bailey  |  Feb 08, 2007  |  0 comments
First off, yes, I know it's spelt 'mettle'; it was an attempt at a pun. You'll see why shortly, although that won't make it any funnier. Sorry. Spanish-based outfit Alumairplanes have launched the first of a unique series of model aeroplanes – yes, the clue's in the comapny title.


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