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Known throughout the modelling world for the manufacture of performance tuned two- and four-stroke engines, ARTF kits of the highest quality and its own brand Pro-Synth model fuel, Weston UK is a name that conjures images of power, speed and bling. Sporting models such as the Hype, Cougar and Magnum, the entire ARTF range can be flown with a suitable West engine and exhaust system, guided using West radio, and fuelled with the company’s very own fully synthetic nitro brew. Weston UK doesn’t just sell kits and engines, it offers entire packages that find favour with some of the most discerning flyers in the country. Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that the Capiche 140 - a model praised by both champions and club pilots for its amazing 3D and freestyle capability - should find itself so suitably positioned within the Weston range.
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The Acromaster was introduced in 2006 and is the only model in the 40 inch+ freestyle aerobatic class that isn’t conventionally built. Designed by well known aerobatic pilot Martin Muller and manufactured from Elapor foam it’s an all-out freestyle and 3D machine with an element of built-in crash resistance. Moreover, it’s easy to transport thanks to its moderate span and detachable two-piece wing. At first glance the design bears a passing resemblance to large 2m freestyle machines like the Majestic and Adrenaline.
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As will have been witnessed by those who saw him fly at Sandown, Christophe Paysant-Le Roux is an incredibly gifted display pilot (not to mention world-class competition flyer). The mere mention of his name will guarantee a packed grandstand of spectators eagerly awaiting yet another stunning display, often combining both precision aerobatics and freestyle 3D. Since Christophe’s talent is founded on an aeromodelling background he’s also renowned for designing and building his own world class aerobatic machines. You’ll not be surprised to hear, then, that his original Oxalys was first flown to competition success at the 2005 F3A World Championships where Christophe was victorious for the 4th time.
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Trading from premises in deepest, darkest Kent, Weston UK have been supplying to an ever-hungry R/C market for many years. As well as offering the traditional model shop services of off-the-shelf kits, engines, R/C equipment and accessories, Weston have also developed a manufacturing side to their business. This includes highly tuned two- and four-stroke engines (sold under the banner ‘West’ and ‘Tuned by West’) alongside a number of ARTF kits - from Hype and Cougar to the ballistic Minishark and Magnum. The engines in question are tuned to run on Weston’s own fuel, Pro Synth, which is a fully synthetic brew.
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So, with introductions and assembly covered in Parts One and Two of this review, it's now time to think about heading to the flying field. The Sunday morning sunshine that streamed through the curtains hinted at flyable conditions, and flyable it certainly was. I initially opted for a hand launch as our grass strip was a little soft due to the earlier wet weather. There seemed plenty of urge from the motor so the Oxalys was sent on her way by 'letting go' rather than being pushed.
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Part one of this review was a general introduction to the Oxalys, so let's now move on to putting it together. The first job was to remove the wrinkles from slackened covering material, something that's not uncommon with ARTFs and probably caused by temperature change during transit. While most of the wrinkles were easily removed using a modelling iron or heat gun, some of the more stubborn ones on the fuselage (just behind the canopy) refused to shrink back. This may be due to the fact that there are multiple layers of film at this point.
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