Shahid Banglawala

Shahid Banglawala  |  Nov 21, 2014  |  0 comments
Chris Foss has achieved near legendary status in the UK as a designer of airframes that fly brilliantly. Countless pilots have cut their teeth on the entry-level Wot 4, before moving on to the gorgeously aerobatic Acro-Wot. A few years ago Ripmax announced that the Foss designs, up until then only available as builders’ kits, would finally be manufactured in balsa ARTF and foam ARF form so a new generation of flyers could enjoy these classic airframes. I was unhesitant in placing an order when I heard that a foam Acro-Wot was on the way, having become well acquainted with the Wot 4 Foam-E during my final year of university, flying a number of them for UAV testing purposes.
Shahid Banglawala  |  Jun 16, 2014  |  0 comments
So, metal or plastic gear? What's it to be? This tutorial is all about servos, how they work, how to fit them and which one's to choose. First let's look at how they operate. ANATOMY No matter what the size or type, the components that make up a servo are practically the same, and knowing what these parts are will help you make more informed choices on what servo to buy. Circuit board.
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