is the online home of RCM&E magazine – the UK's biggest and best selling R/C model flying title with a large worldwide readership. With over 69,000 users the site is also home to the UK's largest online model flying community and a vast resource of articles and user reviews not forgetting RCM&E's digital magazine archive. 


The moderated forum has rapidly grown and is now acknowledged as one of the friendliest to be found while welcoming participants of all ages from experienced builders and pilots to beginners and those with a passing interest in the hobby. RCM&E is a good traffic generator too as it's purchased by newcomers every month, many of who visit the site so it's a good way of tapping into potential new customers/hobbyists.


We're now offering a limited number of businesses the opportunity to advertise on the site  - a fantastic opportunity to make visitors aware of your brand while significantly increasing your exposure at the UK's largest online home for model flying enthusiasts.   


Ad boxes send traffic to your site, and each one of the clicks is a model flying enthusiast with a very high potential to buy from you or be influenced to buy your products from your dealers. The ad boxes are hosted down the right hand side of every page of the site, so with each refresh the positions will change so every company enjoys equal time at the top of the list.


Please call or email for costs.


Dimensions: 125x288 pixels; animated gif files


Banners run along the top of the website. You will share the website space with 5 other advertisers, who will all have equal share of all page impressions. These banners are used as a brand strengthening tool to help drive traffic to your company’s website. This section is limited to 5 adverts and is hyperlinked to your website.


Please call or email for costs.


Dimensions: 728x90 pixels; animated gif files


Shop adverts come in two parts. One is a text link that can be found on the left hand side under the member login labelled ‘Shopping Partners’.  The other gives you exposure on the site in the relevant shopping page under ‘Suppliers’. In this area you will have a company logo that measures 70x70 pixels and about 20-25 words. Both the logo and the Visit Now tab are hyperlinked to your website.


Link to shopping page:


These adverts cost £75 + VAT per month.


If you are interested in any of these online opportunities, or require any further information, please contact us on information below.

Angela Price - Advertising Sales Executive

Phone: +44 (0) 78 41 01 96 07