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  • Servo chatter

    Servo chatter

    So, metal or plastic gear? What's it to be? This tutorial is all about servos, how they work, how to […]

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  • Hitec H4

    Hitec H4

    It's been pretty quiet on the charger front for the last few years. There were a glut of cheap and […]

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  • Battery Chargers Demystified

    Battery Chargers Demystified

    Chargers can seem a little confusing at first but a good charger will soon become a valued tool. It seems […]

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  • MVVS outrunners

    MVVS outrunners

    MVVS are a Czech manufacturing company with an established reputation for engineering excellence. Although the firm has been making model […]

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  • RTF Tx rechargeable battery conversion

    RTF Tx rechargeable battery conversion

    Last Christmas my wife gave me an indoor helicopter, the type where the flight battery is charged directly from the […]

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  • Telemetry


      For years, decades in fact, model flyers have wondered just what’s happening to their aircraft as they streak across […]

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  • O.S. go brushless!

    O.S. go brushless!

    WIth brushless electric motor sales decimating those of glow engines and small glow engines in particular, it's perhaps no surprise […]

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  • New battery technology

    New battery technology

      Scientists working on the possibility of electric powered manned flight at the Hamburg Geschellshafts Zentrum (HGZ) in Germany have […]

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  • Futaba S3152 servos

    Futaba S3152 servos

    This review was first published in 2005, the S3152 servo remains on sale.  The advances in servo technology haven’t really […]

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  • Plasti-dip


      Distributed by Jamara, PLASTI DIP is a new synthetic rubber coating (liquid rubber) that dries in the air and can […]

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