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  • World’s first 3D R/C simulator

    World’s first 3D R/C simulator

    With 3D fast becoming the 'must have' for cinema and television, it's no surprise to see that the World's first 3D […]

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  • FlyCam ECO

    FlyCam ECO

      UK distributor J.Perkins has just announced delivery of Acme's FlyCam ECO version 2 – the lightweight airborne camera system. […]

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  • Power Analyser

    Power Analyser

    At a quick glance you’d dismiss JP’s new widget as just another watt meter yet watt meters are becoming more […]

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  • Ultra Duo Plus 45 charger

    Ultra Duo Plus 45 charger

        Graupner's new charger is a slight upgrade on the Ultra Duo Plus 40 introduced last year. The 45 […]

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  • Jeti Max BEC 2D

    Jeti Max BEC 2D

    Big and clever – the new Jeti Max BEC 2D Jeti’s Max BEC 2D is a linear voltage regulator offering […]

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  • Johnson gloves

    Johnson gloves

    The small aperture in the thumb provides that essential stick ‘feel’. We like a man with initiative who’s prepared to […]

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  • Battery Doctor

    Battery Doctor

    The large screen is easy to read. If you’re like me, you can never have too many gadgets although granted […]

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  • iPhone wind meter application

    iPhone wind meter application

    iPhone owners will be aware of the increasingly large and useful number of applications that can be downloaded to the […]

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  • Eneloop NiMH batteries

    Eneloop NiMH batteries

    One of the great things about Li-Po batteries is their ability to hold charge, not losing capacity significantly once topped […]

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  • The new FlyCamOne Eco

    The new FlyCamOne Eco

    This new Eco version is the latest camera to join the FlyCamOne family. Clearly falling into the ‘light-weight’ category of […]

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