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  • Keil Kraft Gyron build

    Keil Kraft Gyron build

    Steve Jones relates how modern technology helped him build a classic single channel R/C aeroplane whilst keeping his original kit intact.

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  • Stinson Reliant SR-8

    Stinson Reliant SR-8

    Ian Perry gets the nod about a bargain priced builder’s kit in his local model shop.

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  • Folland Gnat

    Folland Gnat

    Tony Nijhuis describes the 33-inch version of his Yellowjack RAF trainer for 70mm Electric Ducted Fan units

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  • Small model power

    Small model power

    After a short run of diesel-powered models in his column, Tim Hooper heads back to other forms of propulsion

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    John Stennard returns to indoor flying – and having fun hovering around the sports hall floor too!

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  • WACO YMF-5

    WACO YMF-5

    Geoff Graves describes his joint scale project, originally started with his greatly missed modelling buddy Derek Martin.

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  • ATOMRC Dolphin

    ATOMRC Dolphin

    John Freeman assembles a multi-role pusher plane capable of camera toting, FPV or just good old sports flying!

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  • ESKY 300 V2

    ESKY 300 V2

    Andrew James takes Esky’s latest fixed pitch full body helicopter for a spin.

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  • Leprechaun V3

    Leprechaun V3

    As David Ashby discovers, when it comes to vintage gliders bigger is indeed better…

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  • Aggressor – Electric Sport Glider Kit Review

    Aggressor – Electric Sport Glider Kit Review

    Kevin Crozier flies the latest version of Century UK’s quick to assemble sport glider When I first started my second […]

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