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  • NGH GF38

    NGH GF38

    The acquisition of a NGH 38cc four stroke started after a friend gifted me an old part-built Sid King Privateer, […]

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  • RCM&E at 60

    RCM&E at 60

    Company founder Gen Saito with one of his first model motors, a pre-war spark ignition unit. There will be few […]

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  • Go glow!

    Go glow!

    Even apparently simple things, like starting an engine, often assume a good bit of inter-related background knowledge. Of course, the […]

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  • Firefly 46 glow part 3

    Firefly 46 glow part 3

    Last month we left the workshop having completed the cylinder head, barrel, liner, crankcase, bearing, and backplate of this feisty […]

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  • Firefly 46 glow part 2

    Firefly 46 glow part 2

    Having been a modeller for well over 30 years (and an engineer for a lot longer than that) I’ve built […]

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  • Firefly 46 glow!

    Firefly 46 glow!

    Until now, plans for DIY engines have tended to be of smaller diesels and maybe the odd 2 or 3cc […]

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  • A Brief History of R/C Model Engines

    A Brief History of R/C Model Engines

    The first Saito FA-30 from 1979. Over the last 50 years the first noticeable factor is the modeller himself. No […]

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  • The Defiant One

    The Defiant One

    A Cox control-line P-51. Cox were making live fuel powered RTFs generations before the current boom in ARTFs. Spring has […]

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  • Aurora Pulsejet

    Aurora Pulsejet

    This article was first published in 2006. I take no responsibility for the initial idea to build a pulsejet powered […]

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  • Engine starting problems?

    Engine starting problems?

    The Graupner Monsun pulled by a happy engine, a few simple steps should ensure you maximise your flying time.The great […]

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