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  • The ED Story

    The ED Story

    A new online account charting the history of the ED Engine brand has just been written and published by Ron […]

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  • New J’EN 1.60 (26cc) petrol engine

    New J’EN 1.60 (26cc) petrol engine

    Engine specialists, Just Engines have launched their first petrol motor. Named the J’EN 1.60 (26cc), the unit boasts possibly the […]

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  • New motors from O.S.

    New motors from O.S.

    Ripmax have news of two O.S. motors that have just arrived in the UK. First up is the O.S. FSa-56 […]

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  • O.S. engines – price drop!

    O.S. engines – price drop!

    Good news! You may have noticed that O.S. engines appear to have dropped in price over the last few weeks. […]

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  • MVVS 35

    MVVS 35

    For me, the initial appeal of MVVS petrol engines is that they’ve been designed exclusively for use with model aircraft […]

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  • RCV 58CD

    RCV 58CD

    First off, let’s find out what makes the RCV 58 CD tick. The crankcase splits horizontally about its thrust line, […]

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  • ASP FS-180AR

    ASP FS-180AR

    At last, a single cylinder four-stroke of over 120-size… at a decent price, too. On close inspection it’s the proverbial […]

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  • Super Tigre G-2300 Mk.2

    Super Tigre G-2300 Mk.2

    Let’s start the strip in the usual place, by removing the pressure die cast alloy backplate. This has bright machine-finished […]

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  • SC 30 Four-Stroke

    SC 30 Four-Stroke

    Many moons ago, in a bygone era when you got change from a quid at the pub, the idea of […]

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  • Enya 41 4CD – Part 2

    Enya 41 4CD – Part 2

    Similar in appearance to Enya’s popular 41 four-stroke glow engine, this rather unusual hybrid is an interesting beast. Supplied partly […]

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