Category: Flying Techniques

  • Leprechaun V3

    Leprechaun V3

    As David Ashby discovers, when it comes to vintage gliders bigger is indeed better…

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  • Play Misty For Me

    Play Misty For Me

    When it comes to model photography, there’s a lot to be said for a low winter sun. Chris Williams gets his camera out…

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    History repeating? The electric Cub tug experiences some difficulty with the Petrel on the back. Chris Williams and chums try […]

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  • Pilot’s notes: looping the loop

    Pilot’s notes: looping the loop

    Everyone likes ‘looping the loop’ when they’re learning to fly, and it’s a good thing too; we all need a […]

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  • Stall School

    Stall School

    By definition, the stall is a condition whereby the angle of attack increases to a point where lift begins to […]

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  • 10 things every flyer should know

    10 things every flyer should know

    1. Aerodynamic appreciation. You don’t have to become an aerodynamicist, but it helps if you can appreciate some of the […]

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  • In Trim?

    In Trim?

    So you've flown your latest ARTF or scratch-built pride and joy for the very first time. How did it go? […]

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  • 10 top tips for single-channel fliers

    10 top tips for single-channel fliers

    1. Big-bang bands. In the ‘good’ old days, band spattering 27 Megacycle transmitters and superegen receivers had to be used […]

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  • Taking off

    Taking off

    1946. A small boy hastily dismounts from his bicycle in a narrow lane that skirts Pendeford airfield, home of the […]

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  • House of hotshots

    House of hotshots

    In this article, we’ll look at how the forces of nature can make a difference to an aircrafts aerobatic performance. […]

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