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  • Weston UK

    Weston UK

    Weston’s Alan Greenfield – note the Weston muffler fitted to this RCV engine. Weston UK confirmed at the Nuremburg trade […]

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  • New petrol engine range…

    New petrol engine range…

    Joining a new range of attractive engines from Evolution, this 26cc unit features a state of the art electronic ignition […]

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  • New engine from O.S.

    New engine from O.S.

    It’s always nice to see a new engine from O.S. – I’ll let the Ripmax press release do the talking…. […]

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  • Saito FG-36 four-stroke petrol engine

    Saito FG-36 four-stroke petrol engine

    Saito have just unveilled something of a new departure for them – a 36cc four-stroke petrol engine! The Saito FG-36 […]

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  • JBA 52 pt.1

    JBA 52 pt.1

    Glance at the picture on the right there and there's no need for me to tell you that the subject […]

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  • JBA 52 Pt.2

    JBA 52 Pt.2

    Welcome to the second part of my JBA 52. I covered the basics in Part One, so I'll now move […]

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  • Fuels Paradise

    Fuels Paradise

    When asked to write this feature I was very wary, if only because this is the one subject that’s almost […]

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  • RCGF petrol engines

    RCGF petrol engines

    This new range of engines from RCGF Model Engines Co. Ltd are now available in the UK. They are two-cycle […]

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  • A new motor from Zenoah

    A new motor from Zenoah

    Ajay Models have sent details of the Titan ZG 26SC – a new 26cc petrol engine from Zenoah. Suitable for […]

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  • New O.S. FSá-81

    New O.S. FSá-81

    The new ’81 has the Alpha range styling details Ripmax have just announced the launch of a new O.S. engine […]

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