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  • Keil Kraft Invader

    Keil Kraft Invader

    Arnaldo Correia electrifies Keil Kraft’s vintage towline glider. The Invader was one of six Keil Kraft kits recently chosen for […]

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  • DYNAM PT-17

    DYNAM PT-17

    Dynam are back and quality levels have improved too. David Ashby flies a biplane classic I don’t know about you, […]

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  • NINJA 250

    NINJA 250

    Starved of his flying fix the Editor enjoys taking the latest Twister helicopter for a spin around his living room. […]

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  • FMS ASW-17

    FMS ASW-17

    Andrew James snaps together a quick build, semi-scale glider from FMS. At 2.5 metre wingspan this quick assembly kit follows […]

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  • Ripmax Mini Bolero

    Ripmax Mini Bolero

    David Ashby enjoyed his big Bolero, right up to the moment he ran out of talent, but finds consolation in […]

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  • Arrows MiG-29

    Arrows MiG-29

    Arrows Hobby has raised its game with the release of this twin electric ducted fan jet. David Ashby straps in. […]

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  • AWD Blink Delta

    AWD Blink Delta

    It has been refreshing to see traditional building making a small comeback, even more so over the last few months […]

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  • Luscombe Silvaire 8

    Luscombe Silvaire 8

    Aero-Naut are a German model company that have been manufacturing a wide range aircraft and boat kits since the 1930s, […]

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  • L-39 Albatros

    L-39 Albatros

    Graham Ashby (RCM&E former editor) has reviewed a number of scale models from the Freewing range in the past and […]

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  • Hangar 9’s P-47 20cc

    Hangar 9’s P-47 20cc

    There are ARTF kits and there are ARTF kits. Some require little work and fall together without too much effort […]

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