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  • In balance?

    In balance?

    J.Perkins and AirPower have just launched these new balancer chargers. Hot on the heels of our ‘Balance of Power’ article […]

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  • A new starter from Just Engines

    A new starter from Just Engines

    The new J'EN starter – it should do the lot! Just Engines have just launched this new J'EN geared starter. […]

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  • A new transmitter case from JR

    A new transmitter case from JR

    The new transmitter case from JR We rather like this new JR case, it’s a little different, stylish even, so […]

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  • Shark 10

    Shark 10

    The Shark 10 Version 2.0 charger is a brand new 5A unit that can be used for up to 5s […]

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  • RC Flight Master

    RC Flight Master

    The main question I ask of any computer software is a simple one: How easy is it to get this […]

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  • RC Power 601 AD

    RC Power 601 AD

    Ah yes… blue, my favourite colour. There’s no denying that this little blue box is a pretty piece of kit. […]

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  • Ultra Duo Plus 30

    Ultra Duo Plus 30

    A decent charger will save you a fortune in potential airframe breaks I want to explain how a good quality […]

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