In balance?


J.Perkins and AirPower have just launched these new balancer chargers. Hot on the heels of our ‘Balance of Power’ article in the current issue these new units will balance charge Li-Pos without the need for a separate balancer unit attachment.

The J.Perkins unit is part of their EnErG Pro range and should be available from all good shops and electric flight specialists for around £55 – a very attractive price as it will charge all battery types along with 1-5 cell Li-Pos. It can be mains or 12v powered.

The AirPower unit is available from BRC Hobbies. It’s a 1-3 cell Li-Po only unit with an LCD display and priced at around £40.


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Both units have JST-XH connectors as standard although the Perkins unit has 4mm output jacks too.

We’ll be reviewing both units in our next issue (sept)


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