O.S. go brushless!

O.S. go brushless!

WIth brushless electric motor sales decimating those of glow engines and small glow engines in particular, it's perhaps no surprise that O.S. have finally released their own range of brushless outrunners.

There are four initial releases all designed in-house and featuring a special cooling system that brings air inside the motor for improved efficiency and power, a strengthened centre body, large ball bearings and a prop driver machined from stainless steel for strength and durability.

The starting four are a…

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  • 3820 – 1200 (equiv to a .25 two-stroke)
  • 3825 – 750 (equiv to .25 – .32)
  • 5020 – 490 (equiv to .40 – .50)
  • 5025 – 375 (equiv to .55 – .61)

I.c. motor equivalents are approximate of course and pricing varies between £54.99 and £94.99. More motors are promised for the future including EDF units and they're now on sale in the UK from all good Ripmax stockists.

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