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  • The Typhoon plan error

    The Typhoon plan error

    Well, we’d like to extend our sincere apologies to readers who have bought our Special Issue only to find that […]

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  • Fancy an RC Podcast?

    Fancy an RC Podcast?

    Some explanation may be in order for those unfamiliar with a Podcast. Basically a free home made radio programme or […]

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  • ‘Model planes ace flights the Taliban!’

    ‘Model planes ace flights the Taliban!’

    The above headline from the Sun newspaper on 27th September aroused our curiosity not least because the newspaper reported that […]

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  • V for Victor

    V for Victor

    Many of us buy and sell the odd model every now and again but I hope you don’t mind me […]

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  • New Haynes Spitfire manual!

    New Haynes Spitfire manual!

    Make a nice Christmas prezzie don’t you think? Haynes, that venerable series of guides we all bought to help patch […]

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  • Venus II

    Venus II

    The Venus 40 ARTF made it easy for fans of .40-size models to enjoy the challenge of pattern aerobatics. Now, […]

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  • Monster motor from O.S.

    Monster motor from O.S.

    Here’s a peek at the IL300, a special issue in-line four cylinder effort from engine giants O.S. It’s being utilised […]

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  • Test your metal

    Test your metal

    First off, yes, I know it’s spelt ‘mettle’; it was an attempt at a pun. You’ll see why shortly, although […]

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  • Pilot’s Notes: Man & Machine

    Pilot’s Notes: Man & Machine

    Adevelopment of the Grumman F9 Panther, the F9F Cougar differed by nature of a swept wing, horizontal tailplane and improved […]

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