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  • Using Li-Pos to power your R/C gear

    Using Li-Pos to power your R/C gear

    An Orca 3s 11.1v 2600mAh Transmitter Li-Po battery Using Li-Po's to power your receiver and transmitter? Why would you want […]

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  • Royal Evo 7

    Royal Evo 7

    The Evo 7 package includes a 7-channel 35MHz (FM / PPM 10kHz) Tx that’s equipped with a full complement of […]

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  • Futaba FF7

    Futaba FF7

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  • FIRST LOOK: Spektrum DX7

    FIRST LOOK: Spektrum DX7

    As the first full-range, ‘spread-spectrum’ 2.4GHz radio system to hit the shelves, Horizon Hobby’s Spektrum DX7 is set to cause […]

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  • Cockpit SX

    Cockpit SX

    Multiplex is a well-established manufacturer of proportional radio gear, and has traditionally been seen as a ‘high end’ brand. There’s […]

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