Code of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT is a very friendly community where users feel comfortable and free from those who would seek to cause agitation and unhappiness. We welcome all new members, including youngsters, and like to have a laugh at the same time as a lively chat. The forum is a resource for all members and, to ensure it remains a useful and friendly place, please adhere to the following:

Please refrain from:

  • Using a forum user name that’s inappropriate, crude or in bad taste. Moderator requests to change a user name are not open to negotiation and must always be respected. We welcome members of the model trade to the forum, but in the interests of transparency we do require that their user name include the name of their company.
  • Swearing, racist and/or sexist language or sexual innuendo of any kind.Modelflying members constitute all ages. Inappropriate language or comment is offensive to some and it could also mean that some members then can’t use the site from work. Remember, we do not really know most members personally, so please think carefully before posting, and if in doubt – don’t! Note that simply inserting *** instead of the letters in a swear word is also not acceptable and where this happens, the post will be deleted without warning.
  • Being abusive, aggressively sarcastic, making personal attacks or innuendo, intellectual bullying – if you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, then it doesn’t belong on this forum. Don’t assume that you have ‘freedom of speech’ and so can say anything about anybody or anything. This forum is a publication and as publishers we must reserve the right to remove posts and threads without notice.Please be accurate and do not use the forum to spread false information, uninformed assumptions. Do not use the forum to denigrate (perhaps public figures) on the basis that your post won’t get noticed by non-model flyers. If you are a trader then be careful when you comment about other traders – be completely factual and do not fuel gossip or rumour. Posts deemed to be uninformed or speculative will be permanently removed along with the poster.
  • Engaging in heated debate involving personal attacks: We encourage debate and discussion. But please remember at all times that there is a difference between what is your opinion and an independently established fact! Also keep in mind that the other person is entitled to their opinion as well. At all times debates and discussions should be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual consideration and respect. Failure to do this will result in posts being edited/removed and possible sanctions against offenders. Remember – you’ll never have the final word on a subject!
  • Impersonating other members. This is strictly forbidden, as is using another member’s postings or opinions on other forums without their prior permission. Neither should other posts be altered and reposted as a means of reply.
  • Hijacking and wilfully destroying threads. The forum’s a big place and thread titles and descriptions are there to help you filter what you’re interested in, so please let more serious threads run broadly on topic. Please assist the moderators when they try to keep a thread ‘on topic’ and respect their decisions in this respect.
  • Engaging in or encouraging debate on political and/or religious matters. This is a model aeroplane forum, our principal reason for existence is to allow debate and the sharing of information in relation to the building and flying of radio controlled model aircraft. We do recognise that this is a vibrant community and that members may wish to discuss general issues not related to aeromodelling. For this purpose we provide the “Chit-Chat”; area of the forum where area may post items not related to aeromodelling. However, please understand that the debate of highly contentious issues, such as partisan politics, religion etc. will not be permitted.
  • Posting in languages other than English. Posts made in any other language will be deleted. There are no exceptions here.
  • Advertising in your posts. Do not use the forum as a means of advertising your business or as a target for sales approaches. Do not use the forum simply as a way of signposting people to your own site and for no other reason.
  • Copying material between this and other sites. Always use a link if referring to from other websites. Do not copy material from other sites to Modelflying unless you own the copyright.
  • Unfairly comment on distributors or traders. We ask for fair and balanced commentary when you discuss traders. You must follow the guidelines we have set out and failure to do so will result in your post being deleted and disciplinary action taken.

You must respect moderator decisions, they’re not negotiable. Sometimes we have difficult calls to make and forum moderation isn’t a science. Please do not discuss moderator decisions on the forum or try and challenge them, prove your intellectual superiority, cause them embarrassment, tease them openly or post videos and text that clearly push the boundaries of good taste – or you will be removed from the site. If the moderators are unhappy with a post then they will normally contact the poster privately and expect the dialogue to remain private. If you publish your private dialogue with a moderator then you will be instantly removed from the site.

Without discrimination, the above applies to all users irrespective of the number of posts and time spent on the forum. Previously banned users who return to the site under another identity will be removed without warning.

Please think about why you’re here. This site is for passionate model flyers – forum ‘trolls’ and those who think it is fun to encourage trouble will be quickly removed and without warning if necessary. Saying you were unaware of this Code of Conduct is no defence.

Sometimes there’s no option but to act in the case of persistent offenders, the steps taken are usually as follows…..

Step 1. First infringement – a private warning with post/thread alteration or deletion.

Step 2. A further infringement will result in that member’s suspension from the forum for a period of between one week and one month depending on the perceived seriousness of the offence.

Step 3. A third offence will result in that member’s permanent removal from the forum.

In, what is hoped, are very exceptional cases the right is reserved to proceed directly to Step 3. Please note that once a step has been reached then that member will remain at that step indefinitely. The moderators must always reserve the right to remove threads and posts without warning.

If you have any questions or are in any doubt then then send a private message (PM) to any of the site administrators – David Ashby, Steve Hargreaves, Pete B and Chris Bott.


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