Extra 300 and Panda Sport

Seen for the first time in the UK at the August Nats, Multiplex distributor J.Perkins had two new models, a 1.2m (47") span Extra 300 and Panda Sport, a 1160mm (45"), three-channel motor glider designed especially with beginners in mind.

Sporting a 'scale' colour scheme, the Extra 'radio ready' version is complete with a power system, pre-fitted servos, a three-blade prop and factory added decals. It just requires your 4S 2600mAh Li-Po battery and receiver. With a hollow wing structure, we were impressed with the model's low weight so although It's primarily a freestyle aerobat, Multiplex say some 3D moves should be possible.

Panda Sport offers a two-piece wing and plug-in, all-moving tail allied to a strong airframe that's at home on the slope and flat field.

Both are moulded using EPO (Elapor as Multiplex call their variant) and should be in UK shops in the next few days.

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