Hitec's new HS 7115TH servo


If you're on the lookout for thin servos, perhaps for that pylon racer wing then you'll be pleased to know that Hitec’s new 20g HS7115TH dual bearing digital wing servo measures an incredible 8mm deep (26 x 8 x 38mm). Not bad eh? It operates within a voltage range of 6-7.4v making it compatible when two-cell Lithium Rx batteries are connected too.

Add some titanium gears and a torque rating of 3.2kg/cm at 6v and 3.9kg at 7.4v and you’ve a useful unit that’s ideal in gliders, pylon racers or any slim wing model.

A mounting bracket is included and it’s £59.99 from all good J.Perkins stockists. www.jperkinsdistribution.co.uk



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