50th Anniversary



Our celebratory 50th Anniversary Special Issue is available from WH Smiths from July 30th or direct from MyHobbyStore.com from today! 


RCM&E in the 1960s – Kevin Crozier dips into the archives for a look at RCM&E's first decade.

Ali's Kit Emporium – Richard Mott has a photo tour of Ali Mashinchy's huge kit collection. 

Genesis Of Radio Control – Peter Russell charts the history of our guidance systems. 

Astro Hog – A rose-tinted look at the classic low-winger.

RCM&E in the 1970s – Our favourite moments from the decade when the mag had..er….real cover models.

Back to The Future – We look at the predictions made in our 25th Anniversary issue and ask our experts how they think model flying will look in 2035. 

Galaxy Magician – How does the classic sport model kit seem to an ARTF basher? 

Micro Mold Lark – revisiting the early helicopter from the 1970s.

Ali's Radio Shack – Vintage radios are the focus of second part of Richard Mott's tour around Ali Mashinchy's huge collection. 

Where Are They Now? – Catching up with some of RCM&E's editors past and present.

Junior 60 – Celebrating the Keil Kraft classic.   

RCM&E in the 1980's – KC takes us back to a decade that now looks further away than it was.

ST MX-2 – A review of the current foamie aerobat, have things really got better?

A Brief History of Model Engines – Brian Winch puts his unique spin on the subject. 

RCM&E in the 1990s – Kevin Crozier looks back to his own period as editor. 

RCM&E in the 21st Century – bringing the story up to date. 

Fast Forward – Join Chris Card for a session at the field…..in 2040. 


Ohm 8 – First published in 1964, Vic Smeed's chubby bipe would suit a .15 glow engine or electric power. 

Push Moth – Originally published in Dec 1965, David Boddington's cute pusher sport model is for 0.5 – 1cc engines or electric power. 




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