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Here we are again with another quick retrospective stroll through the RCM&E archives as we have at look at modelflying in 1962 as reported in the magazine. The front cover went through a redesign part-way through the year shifting to the style seen above. Our present day designers rate this style very highly yet the affect on sales can only be guessed at as pretty soon a more recognisable cover, normally featuring an aircraft replaced this format.


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Henry J. Nicholls reported from the U.S. Nats in January, the models look much like those you’d find on any club flightline today – the radio transmitters don’t!

In February R.H. Warring provided information for the application of multi channel control to aircraft – note how the elevator is linked to a brake on the wheel.


RCM&E’s first report from Nuremburg appeared in May. The writer, ‘Windy’ Kruelen noting somewhat ruefully that modellers prefer not to know how their gear operates as long as it’s reliable.


Reporting from the R/C team trials in July, the magazine noted with a startling honesty “few models were well finished” and went on to note a “general lack of smoothness in control, aileron twitch is a bug that must be cured and tail slides are hardest to perform”

Pictures from the British nationals appeared in August, Dennis Thumpston and his winning Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter are pictured top left.


The contests galore round-up from September seems surprisingly contemporary bar the transmitters of course.

A report from the world championships held at RAF Kenley appeared in October. Harry Brooks shared the top spot with his Orion based ‘Reb’ model. The British team of Brooks, Olsen and Van den Bergh won the team prize and the account of the event in the magazine still reads like a thrilling boys-own story.

Were you flying R/C in 1961? Was the aeromodelling experience the same? Better? Worse? Or just different? Why not share your views in our forum – we’d love to hear from you (link below).


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