Art-Tech Diamond


The largest model and the first glider to have appeared from RTF specialists Art-Tech, this new 2560mm (100″) span motor glider has just arrived in the UK and is available with or without 2.4GHz radio.

The model is made from moulded EPO (Elapor) foam and pre-fitted with a brushless electric power system
and 6 servos driving ailerons, flaps, rudder and elevator.

We’ve watched a Diamond fly and can confirm that the 4S Li-Po battery included helps deliver a sprightly performance for a model of this size and one that’s easily solo hand-launched. Modest aerobatics are possible and long flights should be the norm on cold days while 40-60 minute flight times should be achievable in good thermals.

The handling seems fine and although she’ll slowly drop a wing when coaxed there’s little here to alarm any intermediate flyer or indeed anyone progressing from a basic trainer.

Landings should be easy with the flaps helpfully slowing the model down and the fus’ mounted wheel serving to preserve the airframe during the process – an impressive machine at first encounter.

The Diamond glider is available direct from Century UK or through retailers. RRP is £249.99 with TX and RX or £229.99 without.

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