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Following their success with the WOT 4 ARTF, WOT4 Foam-E, WOT4-E, and WOT4 XL, it's no great surprise to see Ripmax promising a new Acro Wot Mk.2 Foam-E and a balsa Acro Wot Mk.2 for 2012. 

Unveiled in Nuremburg earlier this month, the new machines follow the trend set by the WOT4s, so the 49" (1250mm) span EPO foam Aco Wot is a little smaller than the 59" span (1505mm) balsa version and pre-fitted with a brushless power system and servos. That said, the eagle-eyed will have spotted the letters FTR on the wing – this will be good news for Futaba T6J, T8J and 18MZ users who will be able to buy a version pre-fitted with a Futaba S-FHSS compatible receiver (See below). Pricing for this model hasn't been announced but £149.99 is quoted for the receiver-less version.


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The £139.99 balsa Acro Wot is finished in the famous Chris Foss scheme and suits a .40-.55 two-stroke or .70-.80 four-stroke. Disappointingly we couldn't detect that electric flyers have been accomodated in the form of a battery hatch so, like the WOT4 ARTF, an electric conversion will be just that.

Happily, like the WOT4 ARTF also, it look as if Ripmax have kept a close eye on quality – the model we saw looked well made and strong with a pre-fitted pilot figure, sturdy undercarriage, a fuel tank, spinner and control hardware.

It's a another classic British aerobat from the Foss stable that, like the WOT4, looks set to enjoy a resurgance. Release dates for both are a bit hazy but expect to see them by the summer. Incidentally there are no prizes for predicting a WOTs WOT bipe for 2013!


The FTR logo will start to become a familiar sight on RTF models distributed by Ripmax. Essentially it means the model can be bound to any Futaba S-FHSS transmitter much in the same way as Parkzone and E-flite RTF models can be used with any Spektrum Tx. Aircraft and helicopters from Nine Eagles and ST Model in particular will bear the FTR logo.

Don't forget to check out the April 2012 issue of RCM&E for details of all the new models released at Nuremburg, it's on sale 9th March!  




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