The August issue preview


WOW! The August 2008 issue is packed to bursting with reviews of the very latest models and accessories –

  • Miles Sparrow Hawk – The evocative golden era racer on test
  • FlyCamOne v2 – Acme’s popular airborne camera system
  • Super Star – The big brutal aerobat from Seagull
  • Angel S Evo 50 – Dave Wilshere flies Seb Art’s beautiful machine
  • Multiplex Fox – Andy Ellison pimps a little chuck glider!

    We’ve lots of great features – in Engine Lab Alex Whittaker demonstrates how you can make a simple engine test stand while in Get in trim Bob Wasson of the BGR/CAA offers a logical guide for optimising aerobatic performance. We’ve a photo report from the Bickley electric fly-in and we look at FPV (first person view) flying too.

    Our regular columnists haven’t been idle – Andy Ellison introduces his stalker er….Roger, and reports from the slope while Whittaker is at the Delyn fly-in with an entertaining mixed-bag of news and views. Fly Electric’s Nigel Hawes has a round-up of the latest electric motors and in Give it a Whirl we look at helicopter radio and gyro installations.

    The free plan this month is the Browne Monoplanea 52″ span vintage model from Nicolas Browne that’s designed to use wing warping (you could fit ailerons should you wish) for control, we’ve seen it and can honestly say that it flies a treat!

    This evocate design is the free plan this month – she flies a treat!

    If that’s not all we’ve a Graupner 2008 catalogue disk on the cover too! I know – we’re just too good to you!

    Be sure to pop along to your newsagent or model shop and pick up this latest issue of RCM&E for just £3.80. Better still, why not save yourself some money over the long run by subscribing?

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