Can an F-22 be a trainer?


The model certainly looks the part – wing droops removed on this model

The Hangar 9 PTS (primary trainer system) P-51 was launched last year and met with some acclaim. For the first time an attractive semi-scale low-wing model had been designed as a trainer. Training aid attachments endowed the model with flying qualities sufficient to make it safe for a beginner. These training aids could then be removed when confidence and skills had improved.

The system has now been transferred to this impressive F-22 Raptor i.c. jet which lokks sufficiently attractive that I’m sure experienced sports and aerobatic pilots will give the model more than a passing glance.


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Vital statistics

  • wingspan 52″
  • length 50″
  • engine req’d – .40-.52 two-stroke
  • R/C req’d – 6 channels with 5-7 servos
  • RRP – £149.99

    The kit includes a spinner and three-blade prop. The wing droops are fitted here

    Available in a red/white or the military grey scheme, the model uses the trusted removeable wing-droops and fixed flap option to provide stability for learners. The flaps can be connected to servos making a four-servo wing available for experienced flyers. The undercarriage is fixed and access to the R/C gear is via a quick release top-hatch.


    The model is certianly eye-catching and we’ll be bringing a review in RCM&E via our Special Issue due for publication at the end of September.

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