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  • Art-Tech Pitts – Part One

    Art-Tech Pitts – Part One

    No-one can deny that this little package would grab anyone’s attention on the shelves of a local model shop, not […]

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  • P-51 Mustang PTS – Part One

    P-51 Mustang PTS – Part One

    An interesting concept, this one. In the UK it’s quite common for pilots starting out in R/C to want to […]

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  • Javelin 90

    Javelin 90

    The Javelin 90 flies like a dream, but the trim issue along with the other silly ‘instruction’ clashes and niggles […]

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  • Fellowship


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  • F-4 Phantom II

    F-4 Phantom II

    In assessing the performance from the .72 engine, I would suggest this as being the optimum size for the Phantom. […]

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  • Medevac Bell 47

    Medevac Bell 47

    As many will already know, I’m a bit of a helicopter fan on the quiet and a sucker for anything […]

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  • Easy Glider Electric

    Easy Glider Electric

    At the end of the day anyone paying £59.95 for the electric version reviewed here will get a big model […]

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  • Voyager E

    Voyager E

    A very stable and ‘friendly’ model to fly: quiet, completely unintimidating and, bearing in mind its ability to handle the […]

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  • X-Twin


    In the right hands, on the right day (flat calm!), or better still indoors, what you’re looking at here is, […]

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  • Twin Speedy

    Twin Speedy

    Ever have that feeling of déjà vu? I did when I first got wind of the Aeronaut Twin Speedy. I […]

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