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  • Fighting Falcon

    Fighting Falcon

    I’ve always liked F-16s. Full-size or model, in the air or on the screen, it doesn’t matter – I’ve always […]

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  • Mojo 40

    Mojo 40

    I was looking for a suitable model for my local patch, which meant that it couldn’t be too big and […]

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  • VMAR Escape

    VMAR Escape

    So there it is: all the fun of the Xtreme Stick combined with low-wing looks that come in a choice […]

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  • Seagull Cessna

    Seagull Cessna

    If you’ve never flown R/C before then you must learn to fly on something suitable to your status as a […]

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  • Fledgling


    It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before somebody hit the market with a proper electric powered ‘traditional’ […]

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  • Seagull Pilatus PC-9

    Seagull Pilatus PC-9

    WINGThe wing panels are built to a very high standard and already have the correct dihedral at their roots to […]

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