Gee Bee Racer

Just as a parting shot, the model is supplied with a CD which has a 21 minute video of the Art-Tech Wing Dragon ARTF model being flown and assembled (the only problem being that it’s all in Chinese). There are no instructions or video of the model you just bought on the disc, but there is a beta copy of FMS (Flying Model Simulator) with all the current Art Tech models featured. These are the Cessna 182, Edge 540, Gee Bee, Hughes 300, Firebird, Junior Fly 25, Wing Dragon and Wing Dragon SP. Also included is a connecting lead and instructions on how to hook up the transmitter to the computer. Now, I work with computers and could I get the transmitter to connect to the computer? No chance! In the end I gave up and reverted back to my old computer joystick. After a bit of fiddling (not sure if it’s a problem with the supplied software or my computer) I got the software to run and was able to load all the models. Flight sims are flight sims and I’ve never really found them a substitute for a decent day at the patch. Make of it what you will. I prefer the real thing.

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