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David Ashby  |  Feb 09, 2015  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER It’s a brave ARTF manufacturer indeed that produces a Bleriot replica instead of a warbird or a sexy aerobat. Top marks, then, to Maxford USA for this cracking version of the pioneering monoplane that's reviewed inside REGULARS SWITCH ON - All the latest R/C news including the Reno racing class COUNTERPOINT - A little retail therapy will banish those winter blues ALL WRITE - Have your say in the UK’s best-selling R/C flying mag! GOING PLACES - Weather not playing ball? Fly inside! R/C MARKETPLACE - Things sell fast with our FREE reader ads! FEATURES SUBSCRIBE! …and we’ll send you a FREE RealityCraft RC Planemaster Flight Sim! TYRO PILOT – PT. 3 - Selecting your first radio can be a little like negotiating a minefield – David Ashby clears a path F3A IS ELECTRIC – PT. 2 - Nigel Hawes concludes his look at the fascinating world of F3A and explains how to get involved GOT TO GLOW - Model Technics’ John Burton cuts to the core of the not-so humble glow plug CLIFFWHACKER – PT.
David Ashby  |  Jan 08, 2015  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Powered by the ubiquitous (amongst radial engine lovers) Moki five-cylinder radial, this hugely impressive Yak 11 is Ali Machinchy’s latest aerial appliance. Photographed at the Hucknall Xmas Fly-in it was one of many that took to the air over the snow fields of Nottingham. REVIEWS ISPORT - Seagull delivers a classic . 60-size sport aerobat and Mark Barnes is first in the queue TIDEWATER - FlyZone’s pretty waterplane in the air and at sea X4 - Pete Lowe checks the guttering with Hubsan’s camera-equipped quad DX6 - Spektrum’s new ‘6 packs a lot of punch.
David Ashby  |  Dec 05, 2014  |  0 comments
January 2015 ON THE COVER Flying from water makes a good change and it's great fun too. We test Dynam's Catalina in this month's big 132-page issue. REVIEWS CATALINA - Dynam’s take on the classic flying boat in the air and on the water VECTOR - The new telemetry and data-logging device from Eagle Tree MYTHO - Nigel Hawes flies the 50-size pattern aerobat from SebArt QUATTRO-X - Twister enter the quad fray with a camera-hauling 350-size machine VAGABOND - Andy Ellison tests Hacker’s new aerobat for some 3D-style slope fun SAITO 57T - Who could resist a nice big four-stroke twin petrol? Brian Winch fires one up FREE PRO-PLAN CLIFFWHACKER - Alex Whittaker’s new slope glider is easy to build and flies just great (pic below). COLUMNS TOTALLY TRADITIONAL - With the Freighter just waiting for the right day, Pete Lowe applies the finishing touches ON SILENT WINGS - As the season closes Simon Cocker extracts some good flying WEEKENDERS - Office empty? Whittaker assess the options WIZARD OF OZ - Bent crankshafts – cause, diagnosis and prevention FLY ELECTRIC - Nigel Hawes discovers the Icon A5! FEATURES MARMANDE MAGNIFIQUE - Danny Fenton files his report from the World Scale Championships SUBSCRIBE - ….
David Ashby  |  Nov 01, 2014  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Dennis Richardson's fine Short 184 captured on its public debut, we take a closer look inside. REVIEWS KUNAI Great Planes’ new ‘hot warmliner’ OLYMPUS Can FMS’ F3A-style model satisfy precision flying needs? EVO 10CC Brian Winch fires up an affordable two-stroke petrol engine HAWKER HURRICANE Dynam’s latest warbird FREE PRO PLANS SUPERMARINE SOUTHAMPTON Cyril Carr models RJ Mitchell’s long distance seaplane THE CHUB Peter Fardell’s cute indoor sportster just says ‘build me’! COLUMNS JET THRUST With his L-39 all ready to roll, Bob Petrie advances throttle MAKE IT SCALE Chipmunk on the bench, Danny Fenton talks techniques ON THE EDGE Andy Ellison catches a 99mph breeze on the slope MOUNT UP Brian Winch explains why there’s more to good engine mounting than meets the eye FLY ELECTRIC Nigel Hawes wraps up the P-47 report and checks an unusual approach to power plants WEEKENDERS Bad weather needn’t stop play as Whittaker fettles the fleet in time for winter FEATURES TENDER IS THE NIGHT Weston Park in the Dark has been described as a game-changer and Alex Whittaker was there SUBSCRIBE . …and we’ll send you a FREE R/C flight sim! SPOILT SPAD With some careful modelling, Mark Wilkins shows how a good scale ARTF can be even better MODEL MAGIC Dennis Richardson’s Short 184 has charm by the torpedo load HOPE AND GLORY Supermarine’s Southampton garnered a fine reputation, Dave Roberts explains why FIELD ESSENTIALS Never leave home without these…. EXTREME BONDING Pete Lowe tries an adhesive trio across a range of aeromodelling tasks WIN! We've a Dynam F3A Olympus to give away, oh yes! REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest news from the R/C flying world COUNTERPOINT Christmas is approaching, time to circle a few items and leave this mag where loved-ones will find it ALL WRITE Your shout! GOING PLACES With the indoor season in full swing, there’s no excuse not to fly R/C MARKETPLACE Sell it quick or find someone who has what you need It's an issue you won't want to miss so be sure to pop along to your newsagent or model shop and pick up your copy for just £4.
David Ashby  |  Oct 10, 2014  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Martin Fardell's Short Scylla waits in the Barkston sunshine at this year's National Scale Championships and you can read a full report Scale Nats in this issue. REVIEWS ROBIN DR400 33CC Simon Cocker climbs aboard Black Horse’s polyhedral-wing classic BEAVER Floats n’all, Dynam’s DHC-2 seems like a tempting package, David Ashby lifts the lid NEW GYRONE PT. 2 The ed’ gets airborne with the big Italian autogyro MAXI LIFT Seagull’s new multi-purpose machine CORSAIR A warbird for beginners? Nigel Hawes flys Hobbyzone's new release FREE PRO-PLAN CHAPTER ONE It’s here! The easy-build sport trainer for i. c.
David Ashby  |  Sep 15, 2014  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Avro’s Vulcan, that unmistakable delta, finally joins the Nijhuis oeuvre in the form of two 48” (1212mm) span models for EDF or pusher props. They both fly well and you’ll find the plans in this very issue! REVIEWS GAMMA Alex Whittaker gets in touch with his electric side P-51D MUSTANG Warbird kicks in the park TARANIS Six months in, Chris Bott reports on a blossoming relationship NEW GYRONE An impressive autogyro from Italy CARBON-Z CUB Big and bold, E-flite’s versatile foamy is a bit special COMPETITION TIME! PARK FIGHTER We’ve an Ares P-51 to give away, oh yes! TUTORIALS FAKED IMPRESSION Tim Hooper shows just how easy it is to dress that scale project UAV LAB Multi-rotor possibilities seem limitless as Dave Burton explains BACK IN THE SWING Putting that spring back in your model flying step SUBSCRIBE! …. and we’ll send you 3 issues for just £1 MAKING COMPOSITE UNDERCARRIAGE Iain Jeffrey shows just how easy it is SMOKE ON Smoke without liquid GIANT SPARKS Nigel Hawes marvels at some large electric powered models ON THE PULL Want to try aerotowing? Andy Ellison has all you need to know KNOW YOUR LINES Panel lines and Rivets made easy PETROL STARTER Thinking about stepping up to petrol engines? Here’s how. FREE PRO-PLANS VULCAN It flies well and it’s sensibly sized, what’s not to like? ATOM SPECIAL Starting in autogyros? This new design from Rich Harris is for you! It's an issue you won't want to miss so be sure to pop along to your newsagent or model shop and pick up your copy for just £5.
David Ashby  |  Aug 16, 2014  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER - it’s the Foss/Ripmax ARTF that many have been waiting for and it’s just about to arrive! We’ve been flying the Wots Wot bipe for the last month or so and we’ll tell you all about it. FREE PRO-PLAN JOCASTA from trainer to sport hack, Jim Newberry’s new vintage-style design is sure to appeal. Check out Jim's build blog. REGULARS SWTCH ON - a peek at ARTF production, world championship results, a Chris Foss day and lots more COUNTERPOINT - all the latest model flying…er….
David Ashby  |  Jul 25, 2014  |  0 comments
REVIEWS MZ-24 PT. 2 - after last month’s intro, Andy Ellison reports on his long-term relationship with Graupner’s touchscreen radio O. S. GGT 15- the new glow petrol two-stroke! SBACH 342 - can Hacker’s mini aerobat punch above its weight? EXTRA 300 EXP - Extreme Flight’s aggressive aerobat isn’t for the feint-hearted FREE PRO-PLAN LOCKHEED VEGA With the wing drawing inside, Lindsay Todd takes his beautiful Vega for a spin.
David Ashby  |  Jun 26, 2014  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Water plane flying brings new challenges yet it's great fun and something you should try. Alex Whittaker recently popped along the M6 to see how the Windermere Waterplane Flyers go about doing it. REVIEWS L-13 BLANIK - Andy Ellison gets a surprise from Black Horse’s new semi-scale glider DX9 - Up close with Spektrum’s chatty radio MZ-24 PT. 1 - With more bling than you can shake a stick at, Graupner’s touch-screen radio system certainly looks the biz VALLEY VIEW RC40 - Brian Winch discovers a delightful compact twin STARLET - This, another new Starlet from Graupner is just the right size for Liam Swarbrick FREE PRO-PLAN LOCKHEED VEGA - Lindsay Todd’s superb take on the charismatic golden era record-breaker.
David Ashby  |  Jun 02, 2014  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Prolific Pete Lowe rolls another traditional build into the spring sunshine for it’s pre-flight photo shoot. The delightful DB Auster features an authentic bungee-sprung undercarriage, cockpit detail and gorgeous period colour scheme. See more in Pete’s Totally Traditional column. REVIEWS DIAMOND 1100 - Mike Freeman entertains the Diamond motor glider family’s latest arrival STEPCRAFT - One-on-one with a desktop CNC cutting machine for the homebuilder FLICK 3D - Hacker’s appropriately titled 3D aerobat VIPERJET 720 - An extremely compact EDF jet from Graupner STUNTMASTER - The sneaky new arrival from Multiplex FREE PRO-PLAN REDEAGLE - Easy to build and fly, Ton Van Munsteren’s new 2m e-glider is a relaxing soarer and great club competition tool.
David Ashby  |  May 05, 2014  |  0 comments
ON THE COVER Development of R/C aerobatic aircraft doesn’t pause for breath with Quique Somenzini Inverza 33 design for Hangar 9 being one of the most impressive freestyle models we’ve seen thanks to a light airframe, oh, and a darn fine scheme. Steve Sales takes a closer look inside. REVIEWS INVERZA 33 - Steve Sales put’s Hangar 9’s big petrol aerobat through its paces. SAVAGE CRUISER - A Cub-inspired prettiness overload from Seagull SIGMA TWIN - Twin charging nirvana? FG-33R3 - Saito’s three-cylinder petrol ARTIZAN - Mike Williams flies Parkzone’s Foam-e Wot basher FREE PRO-PLAN TIGER CUB - Peter Miller check’s in with a twin! REGULARS SWITCH ON - Barkston blues, recall news and lots more COUNTERPOINT - The latest model flying desirables for your felicitation ALL WRITE - Have your say in the UK’s best selling model flying mag! GOING PLACES - …and don’t forget our Greenacres fly-in on your travels R/C MARKETPLACE - Step 1, sell unwanted models fast, Step 2, buy new models fast FEATURES MODEL MAGIC - Spitfire! Malcolm Harle’s MK.
David Ashby  |  Apr 06, 2014  |  0 comments
REVIEWS LIBELLE - Andy Ellison tests the little glider designed to bring affordable DLG to the masses TARANIS – PT. 2 - Chris Bott explores telemetry capabilities and unveils a little electronics project YAK 54 - E-flite have revised their impressive aerobat, added AS3X and let David Ashby loose with it BF-109F-2 - The first Axis warbird from Hangar-9 FREE PRO-PLAN BRONCO - Cyril Carr models North American’s unusual twin. Click here for Cyril's build pics REGULARS SWITCH ON - Lots of news including a new club, Mr Machinchy’s travels, new model businesses and the return of Keil Kraft COUNTERPOINT - Broken your new model? Try these for size ALL WRITE - Have your say in the UK’s best-selling model flying mag! GOING PLACES - What’s on across the land through April and May R/C MARKETPLACE - Things sell and fast too with our FREE reader ads! FEATURES MILITARY SCALE - Whittaker pops across the Pennines for an early Spring warbird fix SUBSCRIBE…and we’ll send you a FREE soldering iron, yep, really! HOVERING ABOUT - Sage advice regarding heli switch settings, idle-up and keeping it all in one piece YOUR TURN - TIPSY JUNIOR - Dave Richardson takes us back to a hidden jewel in the emerging post war sport aviation market MAN OF THE CLOTH - Frightened of glass covering? Danny Fenton shows how it’s done GOING GLOW - Fuel, lubrication, plugs and engine selection - Steve Hargreaves has it all covered in his guide to i. c.
David Ashby  |  Mar 07, 2014  |  0 comments
RCM&E's April 2014 issue goes on sale 14 March. It's another bumper 132-page issue! ON THE COVER The outbreak of the first world war heralded a whole new era in aviation, one that forever changed our understanding of aerodynamics and the role of the aeroplane. In this month's What Goes Up Dave Burton pauses his journey through time to consider what happened between 1914 and 1918. REVIEWS TARANIS Pt.
David Ashby  |  Feb 10, 2014  |  0 comments
The March 2014 issue is packed to bursting with good things including another fine Peter Miller plan! ON THE COVER Steve and Matt Bishop have performed their Red Arrows Hawk routine to appreciative crowds the world over but nothing quite prepared them for the calibre of their audience at Dunsfold’s Wings & Wheels airshow. Read all about it inside. REGULARS SWITCH ON Our regular news round-up of the latest happenings from the world of model flying COUNTERPOINT Kits and bits and other desirables ALL WRITE Get it off your chest and tell the world in the UK’s best-selling R/C model flying magazine! GOING PLACES With spring just around the corner it’s high time you checked our comprehensive events listing R/C MARKETPLACE With a new flying season almost upon us you’ll either be looking to buy a new model or you’ll need to clear some space. Either way, this is your vehicle REVIEWS DUET HobbyZone’s ‘teach yourself’ trainer takes Annette Douglas back to basics AS3XTRA E-flite’s indoor gyro-stabilised ‘model of the moment’ AEROFLY RC7 Ikarus is back with another big sim, but this time at a sensible price! JOKER II David Ashby chills with Hacker’s low-tech motor soarer SWIFT S-1 EP Bolting an outrunner to a scale glider is sacrilege, surely? Mike Freeman begs to differ.
David Ashby  |  Jan 11, 2014  |  0 comments
February's packed issue is full of good reading, great features and reviews! Dig in! ON THE COVER In the year that marks the centenary of the Great War there’s sure to be raised awareness of the conflict and the Dawn Patrol is determined to do its bit. Matt Harrowven’s faithfully reproduced Fokker D. VI is a prime example of what we can expect and there's more in our big feature article! FREE PRO-PLAN MICRO WARBIRDS Ton Van Munsteren is back with a pair of quick and easy-build park flyers! REGULARS SWITCH ON All the latest news from the R/C flying world COUNTERPOINT Lift those new-year blues with a little retail therapy ALL WRITE Go on, have your say in the UK’s best-selling R/C flying mag! GOING PLACES A bumper spread of events to keep you busy during the chilly season R/C MARKETPLACE Things sell fast with our FREE reader ads! REVIEWS DO 27 Chris Bott goes on safari with Staufenbiel’s ready-to-fly Dornier R/C GLOVES Warm hands, better flying? AURORA 9X Hitec’s revised touch-screen radio BLADE 180 QX HD The popular quad gains a video camera YAK 54 180 Josh Stenhouse ups the aerobatic ante with E-flite’s ultra micro 3D’er O. S.


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