Century B-25 Mitchell

This, the keenly anticipated EPO foam, B-25 Mitchell has just arrived in the UK. It’s being distributed by Century UK and a very pretty aeroplane it is too. Pictured above is our review model that was in the studio for photography last week so we were able to take a closer look.

The EPO foam used is a denser, heavier type than often seen, strong and crisply moulded. The model is pre-painted and fitted out with no fewer than 10 micro servos, twin bell-type outrunner motors and two three-blade counter-rotating props (and two spares). The model’s most impressive aspect is the pre-fitted, steerable, retractable undercarriage and operational gear doors, a sequencer for which has been built in at the factory. Requiring no adjustment from the box, these have operated perfectly from first power-up.

The review model weighs 3lb 12oz all up and we’ve measured 270 watts (27 amps) from the system or 74 watts/lb. Look out for the review in due course when we’ll tell you how she flies.

Wingspan – 54″ (1355mm)
Length – 41″ (1041mm)
Weight – 3lbs 12oz
Motors – 2 x brushless outrunners (supplied)
Functions – Rudder, elevator, ailerons, throttle, retracts (sequential retracting gear and operating doors)
Battery req’d – 3S 2200mAh Li-Po
RRP – £199.99
UK distributor/retailer – Century UK  www.centuryuk.co.uk