Check out RCM&E’s new March 2015 issue!

Check out RCM&E’s new March 2015 issue!


It’s a brave ARTF manufacturer indeed that produces a Bleriot replica instead of a warbird or a sexy aerobat. Top marks, then, to Maxford USA for this cracking version of the pioneering monoplane that's reviewed inside


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SWITCH ON – All the latest R/C news including the Reno racing class

COUNTERPOINT – A little retail therapy will banish those winter blues

ALL WRITE – Have your say in the UK’s best-selling R/C flying mag!

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GOING PLACES – Weather not playing ball? Fly inside!

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TYRO PILOT – PT.3 – Selecting your first radio can be a little like negotiating a minefield – David Ashby clears a path

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F3A IS ELECTRIC – PT.2 – Nigel Hawes concludes his look at the fascinating world of F3A and explains how to get involved

GOT TO GLOW – Model Technics’ John Burton cuts to the core of the not-so humble glow plug

CLIFFWHACKER – PT.2 – The greatest traditional slope soarer in recent history? We think so, and we’d encourage you to build one PDQ

CLASH OF THE TITANS – Alex Whittaker captures carnage coupled with customary thrills and spills at the 2014 Bowden Contest

I LEARNED SOMETHING – RCM&E’s journos reveal a few aeromodelling eureka moments

TEMPEST V – Colin and Andy Wynn’s rebuilt fighter-bomber is testament to the value of a rebuild


TOTALLY TRADITIONAL – Pete Low rebuild’s his Flair Harvard after a bad moment.

FLY ELECTRIC – Another medley of electric flight news from leccy guru Hawes

WIZARD OF OZ – Engine talk from down under

ON THE EDGE – D130 rescue complete, Andy Ellison complete’s his latest world tour

JET THRUST – Getting a Boomerang for your birthday has never been so welcome

WEEKENDERS – Whittaker forsakes an old love for a new one


BULLDOG – The period racer may have been short-lived but Rob Caso’s 51” span scale replica is bound to find favour (see pic)


BLERIOT XI – Maxford USA turn their attention to a pioneering machine

O.S. GF 30 – Brian Winch fires up a compact four-stroke petrol engine

WINGBAT – Now a balsa kit, Phoenix Models’ classic slope wing is back on the hills

INVERTIX 400 – The world’s first 3D mini quad!

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