The Corby Starlet Plan errors


Oh dear! You may have noticed that the Sept and Oct 2012 issue free plans had some errors. The Sept plan was printed some 25% too small appearing as a 40” span instead of 52”. The correct size October issue re-print missed the stabiliser and some ribs.

Designer Ton Van Munsteren has kindly provided a downloadable PDF with the amended parts and Ton's build thread is worth checking too.  

Please accept our sincere apologies.


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A pack of parts for the 52" span Starlet has been produced by RBC Kits in the Netherlands and is available direct at or via RBC's UK distributor Puffin Models at You can call Puffin on 01454 228184. Both RBC and Puffin can provide vac-formed sets for the canopy, cowl and spats too.

Don't forget to check out designer Ton Van Munsteren's build blog and the extra build pics too.



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