Details of a new 28% Edge and a 25% Extra 300


This Extra is highly attractive, all this one needs is a spinner!

CML Distribution have advised us that they have two new large ARTF aerobatic kits just in from Cermark.

Cermark 28% Edge 540 £249.99


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Cermark 25% Extra-260 £219.99

Both models seem to share similar design and production characteristics. They’re almost-ready-to-fly of course and incorporate the ‘latest in 3D concepts with a strong emphasis on light weight, high performance’. The Edge is designed around Cermark’s new SPE-40cc petrol engine and features a fibreglass pre-painted cowl, wheel spats, plug-in wings and stabilisers for easy transport and field assembly.

The new 25% Extra has been designed around Cermark’s new SPE-26cc petrol engine. Like the Edge, it features a fibreglass, pre-painted cowl, wheel spats, plug-in wings and stabilizers, for easy transport and field assembly.


I’m sorry but we havn’t been sent a better picture of the Edge

EDGE Specification

  • WING SPAN: 76″ (1930mm)
  • LENGTH: 71″ (1800mm)
  • WING AREA: 1147sq in (74sq dm)
  • FLYING WEIGHT: 11.4-12.8lbs (5200-5800g)
  • ENGINE: 32-48cc petrol

    EXTRA Specification

  • WINGSPAN: 70″ (1780mm)
  • LENGTH: 67″ (1700mm)
  • WEIGHT: 8.8lbs (4000g)
  • ENGINE: .90-.120 two-stroke .120 four-stroke or 26cc petrol

    CML tell me they’re in stock now.

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