DogFighter, a new release…….



Multiplex have just released details of a new model due to go on sale early Summer 2011.

DogFighter is an attractive, 34" (882mm) span, EPO foam, cartoon scale warbird that's not too far removed from later marks of Spitfire.
It's designed to have good slow speed handling yet to move quickly with neutral handling and a precise control response. Down and side thrust can be easily be adjusted to fine-tune the model and although DogFighter is designed for aileron/elevator/throttle only, a rudder function can easily be added.
An RR (ready to run) version will be available alongside the kit for which Himax C 3516-1130BL or 3516-1350BL outrunners are suggested in Tuning or Ultra set-ups respectively. Here 40-amp and 70-amp ESCs are suggested alongside 3S 2200mAh Li-Pos.
An RRP of 99.90 Euros is pencilled in with the RR version at 199.90 Euros although UK prices have yet to be announced.

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