The Enigma is designed with the competition or sport fun flyer in mind (Ben Dean photo).

Enigma is a sweet little 46.5″ span performance bipe designed for electric or glow power. It is soon to be produced by Gavin Barden at Evolution Models – a British firm specialising in compeition and sport fun fly machines and accessories. 

A traditional kit, Engima features a lightweight but strong construction again using the firms trademark depron ribs (balsa ribs on request). 

Four channels and five servos makes it all happen and the prototype you see here weighs 2.75lbs (airframe only) and should suit .46-.60 glow motors or equivalent electric motors.  

Full details should appear at the Evolution website in due course, click here to go there.

Check out the links (below) and Bruce Richards’ build blog for the Evolution Fusion.


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