Ever wondered where to get EPP and Depron?

This is Dave's new Ultimate bipe – it'll be a free plan in RCM&E very soon.

We're grateful to Dave Royds for supplying a list (below) of the material sources he uses for his fantastic models, many of which have been published in RCM&E.
Don't miss Dave's new article 'Soft Stuff' published in the new 2009 Special Issue (on sale 25 Sept). In this he discusses building techniques, glues, paints and much else besides….. 

www.modelshopleeds.co.uk (Depron,Gediplac & EPP)

www.stevewebb.co.uk (Depron)

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www.depronfoam.co.uk (Depron)

www.brchobbies.co.uk (Depron)

www.robotbirds.com (Depron & EPP)

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www.flyingwings.co.uk (EPP)

www.micronradiocontrol.co.uk (Depron)

www.conceptmodels.co.uk (Depron)

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www.samsmodels.com (Depron)

www.balsamart.co.uk (block foam)

www.rcfoam.com (Depron,Gediplac,EPP, BlueCor)

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www.epp540.com (EPP)

www.epp-versand.de (Depron & EPP)

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