F3P at Banbridge

The first F3P indoor pattern competition in the UK and Ireland was recently hosted by Banbridge Aeromodelling Club at Friends School, Lisburn Co. Antrim.
The event attracted widespread attention, with well wishers from Lithuania to Japan posting comments and encouragement on internet forums, and 19 pilots from Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and even one Dutch pilot flying on the night (ok, he lives down the road, but he is Dutch).

The event took the form of a basic level, for those wishing to test the waters of indoor pattern flying, while the main event was the F3P-C competition, with the schedule flown as set out by the FAI. For the really adventurous there was also a freestyle aeromusical round, where some excellent flying was seen. In total 51 fights were made in 2¾ hours, which was hectic to say the least. It should also be noted that no pilot in any class crossed the safety line at any time, so not only skilled, but safe flying.

The standard of indoor flying has improved greatly in the last few months, with many practice sessions having been held in village halls, schools and leisure centres all over the country. This can not only be seen in the pilots who competed, but also in those who have watched and seen that shock flyers do not always have to have their noses pointed at the ceiling. (Although one 76 year old competitor has been seen having a sneaky prop-hang!).

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David Nolan of 3D Ireland wowed the crowds during the intervals with the first appearance of the Miniature Aircraft ‘Bandit’ 450 on this side of the Atlantic, both with lights on and off – truly spectacular.

Competition results are below:

  • Basic
  • 1) Alistair Henry (Expressfly Bug)
  • 2) Sean Scullion (Pauzuolis-rc Futurion)
  • 3) Adrian Boyd (Pauzuolis-rc Futurion)

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  • 1) Matthew Poots (Ikarus Yak)
  • 2) Robert Graham (BPLR Reflex)
  • 3) Richard Boyd (Pauzuolis-rc Future)


  • 1) Matthew Poots (Expressfly Bug)
  • 2) Robert Graham (Pauzuolis-rc Futurion)
  • 3) Simon McNeill (Slowfly World Smove)

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    Congratulations to all the pilots and thanks to our sponsors FlightTech, Motors & Rotors, Freestyle-RC, Philips, Mid Ulster Models and Expressfly for their more than generous support. Thanks also to the judges and to Friends School, without whom the event could not have taken place.

    Check out the video above to see the excellent standard of flying. For more pictures & videos of the competition please visit www.banbridgeaeromodellingclub.org.uk or click here to go straight there.

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