FlyCamOne v3

German company Acme were displaying the next generation FlyCamOne video camera system at this year’s Nuremburg trade show. Pictured here, FlyCamOne V3 is a modular system designed to provide ‘still’ pictures, video and real-time footage via the ground station monitor along with an FPV (first person view) facility.  

Sadly I couldn’t get to speak to one of Acme’s experts and the brochure is in German but clearly the system is radically different to version 2. For a start it’s modular so you buy what you need and then add on items after. Some parts are interchangeable so the camera monitor screen can be removed and switched to the 2.4GHz ground station monitor module, the 2.4GHz camera transmitter plugging in where the camera screen goes.

Footage can be transmitted via the 2.4GHz link to the ground station so the view from the model can be instantly seen on the 2″ screen.

FPV flyers can add the ‘V-Eyes’ goggles that’ll allow the system to provide real-time flying footage to the eyes for a full FPV flying set-up.

The camera itself remains VGA quality although clearly the system’s strengths will be in its video ground link and FPV capabilities, size-wise, the two units are only slightly bigger than FCO V2. UK distributor J.Perkins Distribution should have the system in the UK later this year and we’ll bring more information when we have it. Likely pricing was unavailable.