Foam Fing – can you make something of it?


Now for something a little different. The story goes like this…..

….when sorting through his late father's model flying items last year, Andrew Boddington unearthed a large box containing some 40 Foam Fing boards. These lightweight boards were produced for a 1980s-era Boddo model for RCM&E, the 40 here representing unsold stock. Sometimes called art board, you could also describe it as a skinned depron, they measure 76 x 34 x 0.5cm and they're light.

So, what to do with them? Well we thought we'd invite members to a free board and get creative by using it with a flying model of their own design.


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  • You can add as much extra material (balsa, ply, foam etc.) as you like but please don't paint or cover the board.
  • Please start a forum thread to show others what you're doing.

Do what you want – include the board in any model you like – delta, conventional or unconventional and bolt on any power source, perhaps you'd prefer a glider?

As I say, boards are free to anyone who wants one with priority to regular members if demand exceeds supply. I'll take some to the July 2013 Greenacres fly-in and the Nats in August where we'll have them at the RCM&E stall (perhaps the Southern Model Show in September too) and can pass them on to those who want to take part. I'm sorry but cost prevents overseas postage.

I should also add that Foam Fing is completely separate from any plans forum members may develop for a Mass Build in 2014.


That's it! Grab a board, get designing, create your model and show everyone what you're doing!

Just drop your name into the thread below if you'd like one.



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