Hastings 2009


With some of the heaviest rain so far this summer falling the night before, concerns for the integrity of the show site were well founded but the ground soaked it up, the sun came out, and despite a fair old wind, the weather looked kindly on the Hastings show for 2009.

Hastings never sells itself as a large show but trades on a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the long crowd line means that everyone can unfold a chair and get a good view while the healthy trade presence means there’s plenty of browsing to be done in the lunchtime break. 

Good models, good flying, what more could you ask for.  

One of my personal favourites, this rarely modelled Ford Tri-motor

Mike Eccles’ HP42 was utterly convincing


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‘One wheel on my wagon’ Tony Nijhuis brought his Wellington down safely none the less.


Marking the Bleriot centenary, Dave Johnson’s massive model seemed less affected by the breeze than any other machine!


Robbie Skipton’s Extra doing a Saturn 5 impression.

Mike’s HP42 on its last flight, sadly the model was lost shortly after.


I could watch Steve Carr fly all day long, one of the very best.

Dave Johnson’s Airbus – could be the real thing….

Ollie Witt having literally taken everyone’s breath away with his 240mph F5 ship – the fastest electric model in Europe and quite astonishing to watch. 

The TJD warbird boys start ’em up. 

Robbie Skipton also taking everyone’s breath away – yes, he really is flying that model! 

For sound alone, Les Eagles’ Constellation takes some beating

Touching down nicely – a Wildcat from the TJD Warbird hangar.

This Dauntless from the TJD crew also impressed. 

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