Hate the smell of glow-fuel?


There are lots of flavours to choose from….

We popped round the M25 yesterday to see John Norris and the folks at Horizon Hobby UK. They showed us some of their latest models and took us on a tour of their facility including the extensive workshop and testing facilities (watch out for a little web-article to follow soon)

It was while we were walking down a storage aisle that we noticed these little bottles. Labelled as Nitro Speed Scent and boasting flavours such as ‘Very Vanilla’, ‘Crazy Cotton Candy’ and ‘Pina Colada’ – our curiosity was aroused. We assumed that Horizon were branching into cookery flavourings only to be told that these scents are used by RC car enthusiasts to mask the smell of the glow fuel they use.


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A cap full of additive must be added to each ‘quart’ of fuel and hey-presto, the motor exhaust will belch out a ‘Cherry’ or ‘Rootbeer’ scent. These additives will not harm the motor or impede performance so what’s stopping you!

Naturally we took away a few bottles for er……’testing’ but take our advice and avoid the ‘Rootbeer’ which smelt horrible! The bottles retail at £5.65 each.

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